What makes a good Recruiter ?

The CandleJust finished going through a discussion on at Linkedin about the Topic – what is the most important quality a good Recruiter should have?

There were some 240 comments to this thread and a whole range of qualities have been put forth. the usual ones being passion, integrity , honesty, patience , empathy , ethics… the list goes own and I wouldn’t be too surprised to see all the human qualities parlayed.

Each person has a different take on what is the key quality required for the job.

Recruitment being a service function and heavily people focussed qualities which smoothen your interaction with people or those that help you to build trust with your client and candidate would feature high on the list.

You might not be able to put a finger on which is the most important quality. Considering this job involves heavy human interfacing – it might seem strange – but I have interacted with a bevy of recruiters who can easily pass off as genuine sour pusses – but professionally they are amongst the Best.

Now how good is a Recruiter with High integrity but and no empathy. He might not be able to build much trust with either the candidate or the client.

What is the most important quality that a good cricketer must have? or for that matter any sportsman must have? If chop away at it I feel the list of qualities that a good “anyone” must have would always boil down to the same. We are all people – interacting with other people. Each profession has some skill-sets which could be specific to that sport or vocation. But otherwise to be good you might need whatever qualities that takes for people to be able to trust you.

The recipe might vary but not the constituents.They stay the same. You might need all those qualities.

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