Clients Clients and then there are CLIENTS

I am a joyful thought

A business exists for its clients – this line must have been used so many times – but then i guess its so self evident. what does a Business do when it has run out of its clientèle. Oooh !! scary.

Well there are some clients who are there because they have not found someone good enough to replace you. The moment they do so you know you will be on your way out.

And then there are those who who will miss no opportunity to drive home the point that they are THE CLIENT!! Well so be it. One learns to play the game the way the client wants it to be played.

And then there are those clients who make it all worthwhile. You can take all the crap from all the other umpteen clients to be able to work with one such client. They give you respect. Make you feel at home when you are visiting them. And in return you don’t mind going all out to fulfill their requirements. In fact your work ceases to be a work and becomes a joyous pass-time. You spend time working for this client and prefer it over anything else.

Well today I spent time with one such Client.

You might say I had a wonderful day!! You might actually say they made my day!!!

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