Chotey Chotey Shaharon se

Couple of days back I happened to be listening to AIR FM channel. The dedication went out to the Numerous unknown athletes who helped to Push India’s Medal Tally in the CWG, above the 100 mark. And guess what was the Song – “chotey chotey shaharon se…” from Bunty Aur Bublee. Sometimes you can expect Gems from even AIR.

I could only say to myself Hats off to whoever chose that Song.

More and More one finds Indias success at the world stage being scripted our bretheren living in B and C class towns.

We have some great examples in our Leading sport – Cricket. And now the list in other games has become endless.

Our Metro Junta with its access to good schools and Colleges seems to have lost out on quality sportsmen to the smaller towns.

Well, as long as India gains – who cares where our medals come from as long as they do.

Another couple of Months we would have the Asian Games. That might actually be tougher – for one it is an away location and our Asian Tigers will live upto their name.

With the big morale boost wins at CWG – we can look forward to some great performances there too.

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