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Proof Reading

We are wired to gloss over our mistakes. And I personally find it very difficult to go over with a critical eye – anything which I have written. Invariably I wouldn’t find a single wrong word. So, to overcome this handicap what I generally do is to keep the written Continue reading

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Peripheral Learnings

The sequence and the significance of dishes in a south-indian full course meal. Continue reading

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No kidding

Similarly details like how many siblings you have , the order of the siblings and your position in that order can all disclosed during an interview. Keep your Resume clean. Continue reading

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Resume Tips

Some folks think that mentioning their names and sundry headings in 36 type font with moving ants around them for special effects – makes the attractive.

Well it does make it attractive – to delete. Continue reading

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Spouse Menace

Actually this is not the first time where I am coming across – interference from HR spouses – on issues relating to their spouses’ salary. I term it as interference because this cannot exactly be categorized as genuine concern for the hubby’s career progression. Meddling seems a better word. More of a general greed. Continue reading

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