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break ke baad

There is a way to go about this. You may not be able to discuss this , infact may not want to discuss the minutiae with every recruiter who crosses your path. there would be many – no doubt. So you might have to develop a closer relationship with one or two recruiters and share all the details. That way you would have them fully on your side. Continue reading

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Resume Gaps

Especially, if the gap is in your academics then getting through the policy barrier might be tough. Easier would be to forget that Company and move on to the next best. Very very rare would be the case where the candidate fell seriously ill and took gap in acads of 1 year. Continue reading

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The simplest thing to do

Isnt that sad.

So, how much time would it take you to customize your resume based on the Job description given to you. Or just highlight your skills that are relevant. Remove those parts which do not help your cause.
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To Lie or Not to Lie – Thats the …. ?

A lot of manhours have been spent on this thread as someone mentioned – in these manhours a company could have employed 10 unemployed people. considering the discussion is US focussed – that statement carries a lot of punch. Continue reading

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Can I leave a job I was fired from off my resume?

One thing we need to keep in mind when it comes to the resume is that it is a Marketing Document. Primarily its purpose is to take you to the next level which is the interview. You basically sell yourself through your resume. Selling here would m Continue reading

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