Can I leave a job I was fired from off my resume?

Can I leave a job I was fired from off my resume?

This is a question which I happened upon recently in a Jobsite.

One thing we need to keep in mind when it comes to the resume, is that, it is a Marketing Document. Primarily its purpose is to take you to the next level – which is, the interview. You basically sell yourself through your resume. Selling here would mean selling your “skills” and abilities.

Keeping this in perspective – one need not reveal all the warts that one has, in your resume. The resume is not a document where you pour out your miseries.

Show yourself in the best light possible. Harp on your accomplishments and achievements without going overboard. We are trying to shortlist the best candidate available – so here is your only chance – do it in the best way you can.

The face to face interview would be a good place to have your warts examined.

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