break ke baad

Career Breaks broadly fall under 2-3 categories

    Job Loss

Sabbaticals could be forced or unforced – either way they offer a great opportunity to reskill yourself on your current career path or to venture into a new direction – with the security of a job when it gets over.

On the flip side you loose out on seniority and post of your salary. Tough choice.

Maternity well doesn’t need any explaining i guess.

Job loss – same as above.

what i am trying to get at is the process of getting back into the “Rat Race” might be the same – whatever be the nature of the break. The challenges involved in getting back to work after a break are significantly higher in the case of a break induced by job loss especially if the break stretches to more than 5-6 months.

Question is how do you manage the job break instead of allowing it to become a millstone around your neck or a stumbling block.

It cant be of any help to know that recruiters typically zero in on such gaps and a less than convincing response can ruin your chances in the interview.

I have come across quite a few candidates who handle the gap with aplomb without any display of diffidence.

The simple option would be to be upfront with the recruiter – mention the actual reasons for the gap – job loss or whatever. that way you will have the recruiter on your side.

There is a way to go about this. You may not be able to discuss this , infact may not want to discuss the minutiae with every recruiter who crosses your path. there would be many – no doubt. So you might have to develop a closer relationship with one or two recruiters and share such details. That way you would have them fully on your side. and the recruiter in return would be able to paint a clearer picture of you with the client.

Another critical aspect of managing the break is keeping oneself occupied.. The job takes up almost 80% of our waking hours and suddenly if you find yourself without a job – it can be quite unsettling. Especially so if you have over 4-5 years of experience.

The key is to quickly find and alternate avenue to fill up your time. the job search process involves a lot of waiting and in those long waits if you are not otherwise creatively occupied – you are likely to get dejected.

to be continued …

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