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Managing your Boss

I may be wrong – correct me. but lets face it – in an organisation – working together involves – handling the idiosyncrasies of your colleagues and even the Boss in certain cases. Continue reading

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Holding Cards close to Your Chest

But, a response like the one stated above – doesn’t bode well. The employer is likely to read through the lines – as someone who is out shopping. Continue reading

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Pavakkai Poriyal ( Beef up your Resume)

Various permutations and combinations and correlations but nothing substantial enough to merit a post or shall we say coherent enough to merit one. Continue reading

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Some Definitions

Here are some definitions which might come in handy when you are talking o a Recruiter and wish to drop a few industry Jargons. Recruiters can be broadly divided into 3 types. Of these one type outnumbers the others by … Continue reading

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Non attendence

Another Interview Non Attendance – Monday. Well what do you say for a someone with 20 years experience comes up with excuses like personal problems when it comes to attending the interview. Grow up Buddy!!

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A Question for your Recruiter

If you can get the recruiter to share with you the details as to why his/her earlier candidates were not shortlisted – you can accordingly modify your presentation. Continue reading

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Spell Check

One still finds mistakes in the Resume which could have been easily removed if only a routine spell check was done. Continue reading

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Tees Maar Khan

tell your story in a way such that you can engage your audience – in this case – the recruiter and next your prospective organisation. To do this better – it helps to have some more knowledge about the company you are applying to. Continue reading

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Talent is Everywhere

I would have thought that this would be the last place to find any talent. But, there he was a shining example – yet a talent going un-noticed. Continue reading

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Building Networks

Networking is the key to speedy career progression. I have known this for sometime now but have not done much towards that. But, off late the realization has started hitting full force. This year one of my Main Objectives is … Continue reading

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