Tees Maar Khan

Whats My Name
Whats My Name
Whats My Name…..

You could go on asking this question forever – if your resume is structured like the the plot of Tees Maar … (TMK) the . even the lowsiest of stories can be presented in an engaging way – if we devote some thought to it.

Like our Friends at TMK – most of us refuse to take the trouble to engage the Recruiter or the Client with a script built around our experience.

You might thing that jotting down the list of Tasks you engaged in chronologically, plus a few trainings undergone + qualification is sufficient to carry the day.

My friend that may suffice sometime – but the shortlisting and interview process has so many variables – that if you have been let down by your resume – you will never get to realize it until much much later.

No one is going to be able to tell exactly why your resume didnt get shortlisted or post interview why you were not shortlisted.

So if you are taking the trouble to look for a Job change/Career change why not put you best foot forward with a well scripted resume.

for a start – tell your story in a way such that you can engage your audience – in this case – the recruiter and next your prospective organisation. To do this better – it helps to have some more knowledge about the company you are applying to. Get some dope on the Job details and then – your could script and chisel and fine tune your story.

Just for the record – TMK is a brain dead movie – dont fall for the marketing blitz. Just download a video of – My name is …. and enjoy the number 🙂 .

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