Spell Check

There are no word processing applications without this feature – though there are many of us who have not yet found the necessity of using it after typing a document.

One still finds mistakes in the Resume which could have been easily removed if only a routine spell check was done.

So simple advice for the day – Run a Spell check after you have typing your resume. Also do run a check after every up-dation. You never know where a minor mistake would sneak in.

As I write this post Indians seem to be in a comfortable position to draw the match. They have another 40 overs to go with eight wickets remaining.

On the sidelines – lot of heated exchanges about the Indians having thrown the match away by defensive play.

Its so easy to find mistakes criticize the team whatever they do. And we are the Top Test Team to boot.

If they can be found fault with – i can safely say that it would much much more easier to find fault in your resume – especially if a recruiter is tuned to doing – which most of our tribe are.

So just take that extra care – it wont take much.

Came across this interesting poem on spell checking .. Am sure you will like it.

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