Holding Cards close to Your Chest

This conversation happened with a candidate after 3 rounds of interview were over.

Recruiter : so based on all our discussions and your understanding of job facts – what would be your Salary Expectations.

Candidate : See you please make the offer – after going through the details I will take a call.

This was a unique case in the sense that the job was a consultant contract for two years so the normal rates of increase don’t work.

But, even giving concession for that if a candidate is not willing to commit a figure when all the necessary details of the job are laid upfront – it does’nt seem ok.

It shows a certain amount of cageyness in the approach. If you are going to be so cagey – what is the likelihood of your gelling in the team.

Better option would be to quote a reasonably high expectation – if you seriously want to cover all your bets ( considering the job being of a contractual nature ) .

But, a response like the one stated above – doesn’t bode well. The employer is likely to read through the lines – as someone who is out shopping.

Na Da.

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