Managing your Boss

We recently placed a candidate at a reasonably responsible position – but, within a month he called us up saying that he was no happy.

A bit of digging revealed that he was not alloted any responsibility. And when he met his boss about it – our man coolly responded that what he was doing was ok – that what he was currently doing was his only responsibility.

Unique situation to be in. where not having anything to do is part of your job profile.

Well, my guess was that this candidate being highly qualified the Boss might have been jittery about sharing too much responsibility- just in case he himself was left without a job.

In such a situation – I don’t have too many options. the first is to look for an alternative opening and take it up at the earliest. If that is not happening fast enough – the person could let go a bit , take it easy – and try to build trust with the Boss. Not easy – but at some point he has to come around.

Offcourse going to the HR and lamenting your situation is an option.But,
Some how I am not too much in favor of running to the Rule book for every digression.

I may be wrong – correct me. but lets face it – in an organisation – working together involves – handling the idiosyncrasies of your colleagues and even the Boss in certain cases.

That is part of your moving up the Totem Pole..

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