I had the opportunity to be part of a panel for recruiting students for the MBA batch thanks to a friend.

The experience gave me an opportunity to meet a mixed bunch from across the country. Not something that you can do every day or every month for that matter.

The students came with varying levels of preparation – some really stood out in their thought clarity and approach to life. some stood out with their absolute disconnect to reality.

I met a girl who wanted to pursue MBA to setup a service firm in her town – to educate illiterate farmers about cheaper lending options.
she was married with a two year old child. and coming back to studies after a 2-3 year gap. It was not going to be easy. But, some how her goal clarity was appealing.

MBA is a fad nowadays and more than a fad – it has become a minimum criteria for getting many jobs. The bars are going higher and an MBA does make a difference in the start line – provided the student has shown some seriousness in picking up on what has been taught and discussed.

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