Job Search – Passive Activity

Job Search is a Passive Activity. Thats a strange term Passive Active – this is because – even if you were actively in search of job – the process itself is relatively passive – with long periods of inactivity. For instance you have pored over all the portals and found a couple of interesting job openings – promptly you got your resume tailored to the openings and shot them off. Now what?
Ok after a day you called up to check if the recruiter has recd your resume – if he had time to go over it – the answer to that one invariably what be a partial yes.

then what do you do> You have to wait for the recruiter to revert with the shortlist – however many times you call and follow up the shortlist wont happen if the resume does’nt suit. And contrary to popular belief the Recruiter isn’t the Evil out there waiting to be a stumbling block in your search for the right job. he is there to help you but he serves a different master.

So, back to the question how do you face this passive periods – periods of inaction.

For a start you should prepare yourself to this.undertand the Job search is time bound and things don not happen in a day.

So plan your search accordingly. If you are planning to move out then start applying for jobs atleast 3 months before the target time. And if you have attended a lot of interviews without any offers – relook at your search process. are your expectations rational?

Key is to not get frustrated with the delays. Because delays are intrinsic to the process and something which you have very little control over.

Hence the term Passive Activity – something which you would do well to remember.

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