Trip to Munnar

12th aug

target was to leave home at 4:00 AM. Put the kids to sleep by 9:30 . I got up at 3:30 even without the alarm.

left at 4:45. a quick prayer at vincent Palloti and off we went.

out of bangalore by 5:30 used the elevated expressway.

u wouldnt belive the the traffic at the tolls

took right at hosur after the flyover on the rayakotta road.

tea stop . Palacode and then to dharmapuri. 66 rs toll. A roller coaster road with nearly five bumps without any markings immediately after the toll. Huge humps. overall a bad road. and costly. on to Salem searching for the exit to tiruppur. totall toll paid 53+41.

on to tiruppur road and stopped for break. around 9Am. annalakshmi. great joint. a very helpful owner /manager. gave us a route to udumalpet bypassing tiruppur and avoiding quite a few tolls.

next chinnamalai – kangayam – palladam.

left at udumalpet. Yelanir near a school – time 1pm.
Chinar forests . Indra gandhi reserve – prayed not to meet any elephants.

paid 50+ 20+20 at the checkposts.

marayoor 2pm.

then the winding curves of munnar hills – reached HRC at 4:30pm .

to be contnued

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