day 2 – munnar

found HRC with some help from the manager. No regrets about having chosen the place.

this is a lovely corner on the road to mattupetty . a club patronized by the Tatas. Was suggested my my sis who visited the place a year ago.

the rain was continuous so we lazed around refreshed ourselves and went to the club house. the club folks were practising for the 15 aug programme so we took up the tt racket and started to play.

watched some squash. chatted with some pre teen boys playing a self invented game with a balloon.

went back to the room and had a large dinner of chana , roti and rice and chicken.

got up next morning around 5ish and took a walk in the rain. not a soul in site and was just a bit scared that elephants would turn up.
later realized that this was a story cooked up by the chef.

came back by 6:30am and played the guitar for a while. it was lovely – having the cuckoo for accompaniment.

to be contnued ….

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