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break ke baad

There is a way to go about this. You may not be able to discuss this , infact may not want to discuss the minutiae with every recruiter who crosses your path. there would be many – no doubt. So you might have to develop a closer relationship with one or two recruiters and share all the details. That way you would have them fully on your side. Continue reading

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The story of the Fresher

So the Fresher got trained and moved on for Better prospects. This story gets repeated often enough. As a recruiter I have picked up many just ripe candidates who have put a few months or years in a small firm … Continue reading

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R U The Best

All the Best In one of the Blogs I read a comment regarding the routine Interview question ” why do you think you are the best candidate for this position” The person who commented was of the view that such … Continue reading

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Get your Attitude tuned

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="398" caption="Getting it Tuned "]Engine Tuning [/caption]You are a fresh graduate having no relevant experience in your field of study and land a job in a good company. The company asks you to sign an agreement for 2 years. What do you do?

Sign it.

Thats what you do. As a fresh Arts/science or commerce graduate you don’t have many options in your field. There are’nt many firms which take Fresh BComs or BSc’s. If you intend to join a BPO fine. Thats a different story.

But to grow in your field after graduation is an opportunity that cant be missed and one which is rare.

So, what do you loose by signing an agreement? The ability to jump jobs after a year. Well , if that is what you are looking for … In a year how much experience will you gain. Mostly the first year is spent in adjusting to corporate behavior.

Infact your contribution to the company really only starts after atleast 9months to a year. So the company which has effectively invested so much in you has a right to demand your loyalty for one more year after your learning period. Continue reading

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Interview – Having Multiple Irons

Interview is essentially a meeting of people in a business setting. So most the factors that play during a social interaction also have an important part here.

Focusing on the content, which is, what questions to expect etc is important, but, doing so to the exclusion of everything else is likely to backfire. Continue reading

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Standing out from the Crowd

The first question is simple and involves getting in-depth with the Job description. Thereā€˜s no other way. If you happen to know someone in the company a friend or a friends friend use that contact to get some more details about the job. We all know what is written in Job Ad can convey only 50-60 % of what is required. These other inputs can turn out be very useful. You could even pick the brains of your friendly neighborhood Recruiter . Continue reading

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Telephonic Interviews

here are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to be in line for a telephonic interview. Since, over the telephone the image the interviewer forms is almost entirely based on your voice – it makes sense to devote particular attention to that. Continue reading

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Variations to the Hunt

Try out some variations to your job search Continue reading

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Interview Mistakes – 2

So first you need to shift from being a “searcher” to being a “provider”. A provider of solutions, someone who can help the company achieve its goals. And its not just about the company, its also about the people in the firm.The person recruiting you wants to recruit an equal a colleague,a peer, somebody who can fit in and make a difference Continue reading

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Interview Mistakes

As recruiter I am definitely interested in knowing what your day to day responsibilities and tasks , but what would interest me more is knowing how you executed them. What were your little successes during the course of the day- whose life you touched with your job, whose you made easy , who made your life difficult on the job and how you came out of the situation. Continue reading

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