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The Self Control – Button

What would you say – if I were to ask you – In the last one week have you  procrastinated on your key tasks? or, have exercised lesser than what was good for you? In case you have then, console yourself … Continue reading

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India Levels

So India Wins the Test and Levels the series against Srilanka. Laxman makes an elegant 103 to take us home. Thats a fine way to end the week. Have a great weekend. Today I am not going to shower you … Continue reading

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Differentiate your Assets

You would definitely be knowing about “Product differentiation” . Now lets move on to Asset differentiation – Your assets. To make the discussion of your experience richer and unique – you need to prepare some asset statements. Continue reading

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Distributed Control

My thoughts were centered around the fact that – there is no direct control exerted by the leader bird or birds when they lead. Apparently they follow some very simple rules
1. Fly in the same direction as the Lead bird –
2. Fly at the same speed
3. try not to bump into anything Continue reading

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Variations to the Hunt

Try out some variations to your job search Continue reading

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The Importance of Hobbies

The problem that we career focussed people face is the problem of time. In the process of maintaining your office schedule and taking care of your family commitments – you might end up with very little time to pursue your passions.
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So often We just go through life just doing the actions. We don’t look deeper and try to record the happenings around us. Capture the insights the memories. This way we take with us only a small part of what we have really experienced. Continue reading

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Whose bucket did you fill today

The book primarily likens each of us as carrying an invisible bucket. when this bucket gets filled we feel great. When it gets depleted we feel awful. Continue reading

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Career Change @ 40

This decision may be due to lack of opportunities in the current job or due to dissatisfaction with the current career. Either way it would be a difficult decision to take and execute. Continue reading

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Talent is Useless

Harsha went on to add that Talent or ability is useless. And he explains the reason , why it is useless. Talent you to get an entry. So, you are talented and have got entry into a club where everyone else is equally talented. What next ? Can you survive on your talent / natural abilities alone.How far will your talent take you. Continue reading

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