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Job Search – Passive Activity

Job Search is a Passive Activity. Thats a strange term Passive Active – this is because – even if you were actively in search of job – the process itself is relatively passive – with long periods of inactivity. For … Continue reading

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Sometimes who are well known to me or who have been referred by candidates/clients who are known to me call up regarding job openings. Its not always possible to have a position suiting to their background. So I try to … Continue reading

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Interview – Having Multiple Irons

Interview is essentially a meeting of people in a business setting. So most the factors that play during a social interaction also have an important part here.

Focusing on the content, which is, what questions to expect etc is important, but, doing so to the exclusion of everything else is likely to backfire. Continue reading

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Telephonic Interviews

here are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to be in line for a telephonic interview. Since, over the telephone the image the interviewer forms is almost entirely based on your voice – it makes sense to devote particular attention to that. Continue reading

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Interview Mistakes – 2

So first you need to shift from being a “searcher” to being a “provider”. A provider of solutions, someone who can help the company achieve its goals. And its not just about the company, its also about the people in the firm.The person recruiting you wants to recruit an equal a colleague,a peer, somebody who can fit in and make a difference Continue reading

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Interview Mistakes

As recruiter I am definitely interested in knowing what your day to day responsibilities and tasks , but what would interest me more is knowing how you executed them. What were your little successes during the course of the day- whose life you touched with your job, whose you made easy , who made your life difficult on the job and how you came out of the situation. Continue reading

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Job shift

n this period of multiple jobs and a buzzing job market it makes sense to sit down and lay down some criteria for taking up a job. This could include salary , location , type/size of company , local/MNC etc . Once you have have set this down in writing – when you get the next call from a recruiter – you would be in a good position to decide whether to go forward on the new opportunity or not. Continue reading

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Career Change @ 40

This decision may be due to lack of opportunities in the current job or due to dissatisfaction with the current career. Either way it would be a difficult decision to take and execute. Continue reading

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My resume ‘s got a Hole

Especially, if the gap is in your academics then getting through the policy barrier might be tough. Easier would be to forget that Company and move on to the next best. Very very rare would be the case where the candidate fell seriously ill and took gap in acads of 1 year. Continue reading

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Dressed up but No Belt

Doors open for your appearance, presentation and how you carry yourself. Be presentable.
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