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The Gap Salesman

Imagine you were a Salesman. You represent a very Reputed firm the products of which Lead the Markets wherever they are sold. they are sold at a premium to the Next Best in the Fray. so you as a Proud … Continue reading

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Transit your Enthusiasm

I happened to read this phrase after quite some time – and immediately it rang a Bell.

This phrase forms a part of a larger para which goes like this : Continue reading

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Tees Maar Khan

tell your story in a way such that you can engage your audience – in this case – the recruiter and next your prospective organisation. To do this better – it helps to have some more knowledge about the company you are applying to. Continue reading

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Resume Gaps

Especially, if the gap is in your academics then getting through the policy barrier might be tough. Easier would be to forget that Company and move on to the next best. Very very rare would be the case where the candidate fell seriously ill and took gap in acads of 1 year. Continue reading

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The simplest thing to do

Isnt that sad.

So, how much time would it take you to customize your resume based on the Job description given to you. Or just highlight your skills that are relevant. Remove those parts which do not help your cause.
Continue reading

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Can I leave a job I was fired from off my resume?

One thing we need to keep in mind when it comes to the resume is that it is a Marketing Document. Primarily its purpose is to take you to the next level which is the interview. You basically sell yourself through your resume. Selling here would m Continue reading

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Proof Reading

We are wired to gloss over our mistakes. And I personally find it very difficult to go over with a critical eye – anything which I have written. Invariably I wouldn’t find a single wrong word. So, to overcome this handicap what I generally do is to keep the written Continue reading

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No kidding

Similarly details like how many siblings you have , the order of the siblings and your position in that order can all disclosed during an interview. Keep your Resume clean. Continue reading

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Resume Tips

Some folks think that mentioning their names and sundry headings in 36 type font with moving ants around them for special effects – makes the attractive.

Well it does make it attractive – to delete. Continue reading

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Resume Certification

One way would be to setup a separate candidate verification team. the recruitment firm needs to devote a person entirely to do the job of verifying the candidates experience.This could be done by having a face to face interaction with the candidate for atleast 30 minutes. The idea being to check the truth behind the experience details that have been mentioned in the resume. Continue reading

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