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I ordered a bunch of workbooks on the 15th of April from Toastmasters International. On 17th April it was dispatched. After 20 days not receiving any intimation I mailed Toastmasters. They mailed back giving me all details and a website … Continue reading

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All things Workplace

This Blog is going for a makeover. Expect a new Avatar!

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Trip to Munnar

12th aug target was to leave home at 4:00 AM. Put the kids to sleep by 9:30 . I got up at 3:30 even without the alarm. left at 4:45. a quick prayer at vincent Palloti and off we went. … Continue reading

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I had the opportunity to be part of a panel for recruiting students for the MBA batch thanks to a friend. The experience gave me an opportunity to meet a mixed bunch from across the country. Not something that you … Continue reading

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Job Search – Passive Activity

Job Search is a Passive Activity. Thats a strange term Passive Active – this is because – even if you were actively in search of job – the process itself is relatively passive – with long periods of inactivity. For … Continue reading

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Proof Reading

We are wired to gloss over our mistakes. And I personally find it very difficult to go over with a critical eye – anything which I have written. Invariably I wouldn’t find a single wrong word. So, to overcome this handicap what I generally do is to keep the written Continue reading

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Work Life Balance

What drives a Manager. Job Satisfaction , salary , what else ?

When all these are met – Considering all else things equal – the amount of time spent at work would be a key determinant of the – involvement the Manager has with his work. Continue reading

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Telephonic Interviews

here are a few things to keep in mind if you happen to be in line for a telephonic interview. Since, over the telephone the image the interviewer forms is almost entirely based on your voice – it makes sense to devote particular attention to that. Continue reading

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The Importance of Hobbies

The problem that we career focussed people face is the problem of time. In the process of maintaining your office schedule and taking care of your family commitments – you might end up with very little time to pursue your passions.
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Unfair Advantage

This post appeared a year ago on this blog. A candidate I was speaking to today when asked why he wanted to look out when he was apparently happy with the current position and responsibilities – mentioned – " I … Continue reading

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