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How to ensure that profiles are fully validated. Continue reading

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Blogging is not about perfection

Blogging is not about perfection. Yesterday happened to read a post from Lance Haun – leading blogger in the HR space who spoke about perfection in Blogging. What he effectively said was that if perfection was our goal we should’nt … Continue reading

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Social Media is here to stay Continue reading

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Scattered Thoughts

I realise is my focus is a lot more when I am switch between the task at hand and an awareness about what I am doing and what I should be doing next. Continue reading

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Ask – the art of

to take even routine risks. But coming back to the topic of this Blog – this insight came to me thanks to the question being asked.
I felt I could get deeper insights in to my business if only I opened myself questions and seriously tried to come up with answers. Continue reading

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Community College a chance Meeting

Community colleges can be a good launch pad for the youth who cannot go for full time degree due to various reasons. Statistics show that students from community colleges get placed 80% of the time. what more could one expect? Community colleges are oriented towards the specific skills requirement in the society. Continue reading

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Advantage Academia

Even schedules can be quite flexible. Job flexibility would mean there is a lot of room to maneuver on how the lessons would be taken. How the teaching would be structured. Question setting during the exams etc Continue reading

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